Dec. 1 is deadline for incoming freshmen to apply,...

Dec. 1 is deadline for incoming freshmen to apply, qualify for great guaranteed MTSU scholarships

Middle Tennessee State University awards an array of guaranteed scholarships to qualifying first-time, incoming freshmen — including recently enhanced scholarships — but the deadline to take advantage is quickly approaching.

Prospective students must have a complete application on file with the MTSU Admissions Office by Thursday, Dec. 1, to be considered for an academic merit guaranteed scholarship, ranging from $3,500 to $8,000 per year for four years based on ACT scores and GPA, for the 2022-23 academic year. 

Dr. Sidney A. McPhee, MTSU president
Dr. Sidney A. McPhee
Dr. Debra Sells, vice president of student affairs and vice provost for enrollment and academic services
Dr. Debra Sells

MTSU President Sidney A. McPhee announced the enhancement this fall of the True Blue Scholarship, almost doubling the amount from a total of $8,000 to $14,000 over four years. He also announced a new Centennial Scholarship that awards recipients a total of $32,000 over four years.

This fall, during daily campus toursTrue Blue Tour events, MTSU recruiters’ visits to schools and other outreach, McPhee and other representatives are encouraging prospective students to meet the application deadline to secure those guaranteed dollars to ease the burden of college tuition.

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“I always encourage students and parents to apply immediately, because these are guaranteed dollars for qualifying students that can greatly assist them and their families with paying for their college education,” said Dr. Debra Sells, vice president for student affairs and vice provost for enrollment and academic services.

“But Dec. 1 is quickly approaching, so students will need to act quickly to request transcripts, finalize other details and go ahead and complete the process in order to meet the deadline,” Sells added.

Prospective students can apply by going to  and following the prompts.

Guaranteed scholarships for qualifying students include:

 Centennial Scholarship, with a requirement of a 34 to 36 ACT score and 3.5 or higher GPA — $8,000 per year.

• National Merit/Achievement/Hispanic semifinalist — $6,000 per year.

• Trustee Scholarship, with an ACT score of at least 30 to 33 and a minimum 3.5 GPA  $5,000 per year.

• Presidential Scholarship, with a required 25 to 29 ACT and 3.5 or higher GPA— $4,500 per year.

• True Blue Scholarship, with a 22 to 24 ACT and minimum 3.5 GPA — $3,500 per year.

Students who qualify must accept the scholarship by May 1, 2023, Sells said.

Students scoring 30 and above on the ACT and with a minimum 3.5 high school GPA can apply for MTSU’s highest academic award, the Buchanan Fellowship, a competitive and selective full-tuition scholarship offered through the University Honors College.

A separate application for this offering is also due Dec. 1. For more information on the Buchanan Fellowship, go to

The deadline for transfer students to apply to potentially receive guaranteed scholarships is Feb. 15.

For questions about admissions, financial aid and more, call 615-898-2111 or visit the MTSU One Stop.