VIDEO: Don’t miss premiere of ‘Happy N...

VIDEO: Don’t miss premiere of ‘Happy New Year, Mr. Kates!’

The world premiere of “Happy New Year, Mr. Kates!” is slated for 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 13, at this year’s Artlightenment Art Show and Film Festival. The event will be held at the Celebrity Center, 1130 8th Ave. S. in Nashville.

Written and directed by Dr. Bob Pondillo, professor emeritus of mass media history and American culture at MTSU, the 33-minute film tells the story of an assisted living facility resident who feels he has lived an inconsequential life until he has an epiphany on New Year’s Eve. More than 30 electronic media communication majors on the production degree track, several graduate students from the recording industry master’s degree program and a few recent alumni worked on the project, as well as makeup artists from the Department of Speech and Theatre.

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— Video by Leigh Harrington

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