How to Find the Perfect Student Organization

How to Find the Perfect Student Organization

Attending MTSU will be the best time of your life! As a student, it will always be important to focus on your studies but you should always take on opportunities when they present themselves. Creating or joining an organization can be the building blocks for you to become a leader and volunteer, as well as an opportunity to socialize and make life-long friends.

Student at Week of Welcome.

Student at Week of Welcome. Photo via MTSUNews

Becoming involved will make MTSU seem like your home away from home. Organization involvement will help you learn outside the classroom. Not only will you learn skills that will benefit you later in life, but it will also help you learn more about yourself. By joining an organization, you will be able to meet people from all different backgrounds and cultures.

Choosing an organization can be a little overwhelming but definitely not impossible. MTSU provides so many opportunities for incoming and current students to discover what all the campus community offers.

Connection Point has a ton of scheduled events that happen throughout the semester. The purpose of this program is to kick start your campus involvement. Every event will make your semester so much more enjoyable and introduce you to so many people. Who wants to just go to class without any fun? Here are usually great prizes to win and always delicious and FREE food to enjoy, because are you really a college student if you turn down free food?



We get it, wrapping your head around just how many things you can become involved can seem a little overwhelming. This is where MyMT saves the day with organizing all the organizations that are currently active on campus. You can search events coming up like interests meetings and their contact information. You can also learn about each organization and find one that interests you. The information provided could be about the history of the group or accomplishments that the group wants to shine a light on.

If you have looked over these organizations and attending Connection Point events and you still are not finding anything you want to be involved in, don’t fret. For students who want to create their own organization, MTSU is backing you up with the opportunity to create your own. That’s right, you can get a group of your friends and a faculty sponsor to help support your creative interests and make any organization.