‘MTSU On the Record’ guest links movement to learn...

‘MTSU On the Record’ guest links movement to learning for youngsters

Incorporating more physical activity into youngsters’ classroom work is the topic of the next “MTSU On the Record” radio program.

Holly Huddleston

Holly Huddleston

Host Gina Logue’s interview with MTSU doctoral student Holly Huddleston first aired March 7 on WMOT-FM Roots Radio 89.5 and You can listen to their conversation below.

WMOT-new web logoHuddleston, along with assistant professor Vaughn Barry and professor Jennifer Caputo of MTSU’s Department of Health and Human Performance, conducted a study in which 33 children in second, third and fourth grades wore electronic armbands to monitor their energy expenditure during academic activities.

The researchers found that the kids put more physical energy into science than language arts, math, art or music. They also found that finding ways to put more movement into academic activities can have physical, cognitive and behavioral benefits.

The study, “School Day Energy Expenditure in Elementary School Children,” was published in the September 2016 edition of the Journal of Physical Activity and Health. You can read a PDF of the study here.

“All the dimensions of wellness are very much intertwined,” said Huddleston. “Our cognitive health, our physical health, our emotional health and our social health — they all affect each other. And for us to focus on one but not be aware that it affects the other is a little bit neglectful.”

Huddleston, who lives in Nashville, Tennessee, is a health fitness specialist with the American College of Sports Medicine and has been a first aid and CPR instructor since 1997.

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