Humans of MTSU: Bruceann Owen

MTSU Multimedia Journalism student Bruceann Owen standing in MTSU quad

The tour sold me.  I transferred here in August of 2015 majoring in Multimedia Journalism. I love the way our program is set up. You start from the beginning by taking classes such as media writing, where you learn how to write for the media. Then that prepares you for video journalism. You can do organizations like MT10, which has really helped me a lot. It will help me prepare for News 1, 2, and 3. One way in which this has helped me grow professionally is I have learned how to ask the right questions as a journalist. You learn how to come up with your own stories, and how to bring those stories to life.

The Caribbean Student Association (CSA) is another organization I am involved with. We are very diverse in terms of majors and another involvement, but the one thing we have in common is that Caribbean spirit. It’s something about it that connects us all together. I joined to have a sense of home. After being in the US for so long, there can sometimes be a disconnect, and I questioned whether I should call myself Jamaican anymore. My grandmother said, “Don’t say that!” You will always be Jamaican. You will always be Jamaican first. No matter where you live or where you go. When I told her I was a part of CSA, her and my mom were so excited. My mom was actually a part of CSA when she went back to school here. As immigrants, you have to work harder. There’s something about being an immigrant that sets us apart. Our parents are strict in a sense, hard on us, but not necessarily in a bad way. They just want us to always go for the best. Don’t make excuses. Make results.

Something I learned from my mother – and brought into CSA – is do everything with excellence. No matter what it is. School, work, anything you pick up and set your mind to, make sure you do it with excellence. Through CSA I’m able to interact and learn about people of my culture. It gives us a sense of belonging. Home away from home. MTSU is so big, but it’s so inclusive. My advice to new students is get involved right away. Don’t wait. Find something you love. Don’t join organizations to make it look good on your resume. Do it for you. Do it with excellence.”

Written by Bruceann Owen

Produced by Hermon Phuntling, VP of Marketing, MTSU Student Government Association