In the News: Totalitarianism, prayer, oral history...

In the News: Totalitarianism, prayer, oral history, Gennett Records, housing prices and more

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MTSU personnel recently provided their insights to news media on numerous subjects, including interest rates, cluttered houses, oral history, a historic record company and restrictions on freedom, among other topics.

Professor Charles Dahan, Department of Recording Industry
Charlie Dahan
Jason R. McGowan, oral history research associate with the Albert Gore Research Center at MIddle Tennessee State University and a two-time MTSU alumnus
Jason McGowan

• Dr. Charlie Dahan, a professor of recording industry, celebrated the opening of a historical exhibit about Gennett Records in Wayne County, Indiana, in a June 27 article in the Richmond (Indiana) Palladium-Item. His comments can be read here.

• Jason McGowan, an oral history research associate, discussed the African American oral history project on which he is working for the Albert Gore Research Center on the June 27 edition of “OpenLine” on NewsChannel5+. The video can be seen here.

• Ken Paulson, director of the Free Speech Center, analyzed a U.S. Supreme Court decision clearing the way for a high school football coach to lead his team in prayer on the field in a June 27 story in The Christian Science Monitor. His remarks are available here.

Ken Paulson, director, Free Speech Center at MTSU, College of Media and Entertainment
Ken Paulson

Paulson penned an editorial about the need to protect the United States against the kind of totalitarian restrictions on freedom exercised in Russia and other countries. The column, which was published June 28 in the Yankton (South Dakota) Daily Press and Dakotan, can be accessed here.

Paulson said newspapers will have to focus more on local news to survive in a July 3 story in the Westchester and Fairfield County (New York) Business Journals. His views can be read here.

Dr. Murat Arik, assistant professor of management, Jones College of Business, and director of the MTSU Business and Economic Research Center
Dr. Murat Arik

• Dr. Murat Arik, director of the Business and Economic Research Center, explained the impact of rising interest rates on homebuyers for a June 28 report on WPLN-FM in Nashville. The audio and transcript are available here.

Arik said higher interest rates also will have an impact on rental homes and apartments in a June 29 report by WPLN-FM in Nashville. The audio and transcript can be accessed here.

Dr. John Vile
Dr. John Vile

• Dr. John Vile, dean of the University Honors College and a constitutional law scholar, explained why the attempt to replace electors with new slates of electors was not within the parameters of the law in a June 29 report by His comments can be read here.

Vile authored an editorial reminding Americans of the meaning of Independence Day. The column was published July 4 by The Daily Progress of Charlottesville, Virginia, and is available here.

Vile wrote an editorial about the importance of constitutional oaths of office. The column was published July 5 by The Christian Post and can be read here.

Cat Curtis Murphy (MTSU photo)
Cat Curtis Murphy
Dr. Amy Harris, associate professor, Information Systems and Analytics
Dr. Amy Harris

• Cat Curtis Murphy, a digital content specialist for Creative Marketing Solutions, was featured on “Get Organized with the Home Edit”, a Netflix program that helps people organize and declutter their homes, as reported June 29 by the Daily News Journal of Murfreesboro. The story can be read here.

• Dr. Amy Harris, an associate professor of information systems and analytics, was interviewed by Jaime Vaughn on the “How She Got There” podcast, which was posted to YouTube June 30. The video can be seen here.

Dr. Rajesh Aggarwal
Dr. Rajesh Aggarwal
Kent Syler, assistant professor, political science
Kent Syler

• Dr. Rajesh Aggarwal, an associate professor of information systems and analytics, co-authored an academic study on the development of a mobile, web-based platform for registering and scheduling COVID-19 vaccinations. The study was published July 3 by Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute and can be found here.

Kent Syler, a professor of political science and international relations, warned about the possibility of gerrymandering if the U.S. Supreme Court rules in favor of independent state legislature doctrine in Moore v. Harper in a July 5 story in the Rogersville (Tennessee) Review. His comments can be accessed here.

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