In the News: MTSU faculty/staff talk campus safety...

In the News: MTSU faculty/staff talk campus safety, Bonnaroo, dinosaurs and WWII

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. — Middle Tennessee State University faculty and staff recently provided the media with their perspectives on various issues, including the presidential debate, World War II, campaign spending, campus safety grants, Bonnaroo and dinosaurs.

Dr. John Vile
Dr. John Vile

• Dr. John Vile, dean of the University Honors College and a political science professor, was interviewed by Jim Richards of Newstalk 1010 — a major AM radio station in Toronto, Ontario — about the felony conviction of Donald Trump. Listen to the show that aired May 30.

Vile shared his thoughts on Trump’s conviction for The Well on June 11. Read his commentary.

Vile analyzed the recent presidential debate on News Channel 5+ “Inside Politics” on June 28. Watch the segment.

Vile was interviewed by the Chattanooga Times Free Press about religion in politics. Read the article published July 1.

Kent Syler, assistant professor, political science
Kent Syler
Ken Paulson, director, Free Speech Center at MTSU, College of Media and Entertainment
Ken Paulson

Kent Syler, a professor of political science and international relations, talked with Digital Transactions about the Credit Card Competition Act in an article published June 1. Read his comments.

Syler talked with The Tennessean about Congressman Andy Ogles’ election spending. Read the June 4 article.

Syler talked with the Tennessee Lookout about challenges of the Republican primaries in Middle and East Tennessee. Read the article from June 25.

Ken Paulson, director of the Free Speech Center, talked with NPR about the prevalence of flag flipping in response to Donald Trump’s felony convictions. Read his comments from the June 3 article.

Paulson also talked about flag-flipping with the Knoxville News Sentinel. Read the article from June 4.

Dr. Stacey Graham, Center for Historic Preservation research professor
Dr. Stacey Graham
Dr. Louis Kyriakoudes, director of the Albert Gore Research Center
Dr. Louis Kyriakoudes
Dr. Sekou Franklin
Dr. Sekou Franklin

• Dr. Sekou Franklin, political science professor, was referenced for a post on X by WZTV-TV Fox 17 News on June 4 about concerns over allegations against Metro-Nashville Police Department. Watch the segment.

Franklin was interviewed by WZTV-TV Fox 17 News regarding a law weakening community oversight boards. Watch the segment that aired June 12.

• Dr. Louis Kyriakoudes, director of the Albert Gore Research Center, and Dr. Stacey Graham with the Center for Historic Preservation were interviewed by WKRN-TV News Channel 2 for two different stories about the center’s Tennessee Maneuvers collection. Both segments aired June 6 to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

Watch the segment about artifacts from the collection.

Watch the segment on the curriculum guide developed from the collection.

Dr. Sean Foley, an associate professor of history
Dr. Sean Foley
Robert Gordon

• Dr. Sean Foley, a professor of history who specializes in Middle East politics and culture, has talked extensively with multiple media outlets about the Israel-Hamas war. On June 10, Foley talked with Jim Richards of Newstalk 1010 — a major AM radio station in Toronto, Ontario — to explain what’s going on in the Middle East. Listen to the segment.

Robert Gordon Jr., associate professor of media arts, spoke to the Manchester Times about the valuable experience MTSU students have working with Hulu to livestream at Bonnaroo. Read the article from June 16.

MTSU Police Chief Ed Kaup
Chief Ed Kaup
Alan Brown

• MTSU Police Chief Ed Kaup spoke extensively about the university’s $1.8 million in grant funding to make safety upgrades on campus. Watch the interview by WSMV-TV Channel 4 News on June 18.

Kaup also talked with WTVF-TV News Channel 5 on June 18. Watch the segment.

Alan Brown, geosciences lecturer and co-founder of the Earth Experience: Middle Tennessee Museum of Natural History, was interviewed about the museum on WKRN-TV News Channel 2’s “Local on 2” program June 19. Watch the segment.

Brown talked with the Manchester Times about the museum. Read the article from June 20.

Dr. Phil Oliver
Dr. Elizabeth Ann “Liz” Smith, MTSU assistant professor of nutrition and food science
Dr. Elizabeth Smith
Dr. Sandra Lynn Poirier, Human Sciences faculty
Dr. Sandra Poirier

• Dr. Phil Oliver, associate professor of philosophy, gave advice about what it takes to be happy. Read his comments from the June 20 article from Inspiyr.

• Dr. Elizabeth Smith, associate professor of dietetics, shared her story with WKRN-TV News Channel 2 about losing her son to an accidental overdose. Watch the segment that aired June 20.

• Dr. Sandra Poirier, professor of nutrition, talked with WalletHub about car insurance coverage. Read her comments from the June 21 article.

Dr. Ben Stickle
Dr. Ben Stickle
Dr. Louis Woods, MTSU Department of History professor and director of the Africana Studies Program.
Dr. Louis Woods
Tammy Donham, recording industry
Tammy Donham

Tammy Donham, recording industry associate professor, spoke to Newsweek about Beyonce’s album, “Cowboy Carter.” Read the article from June 23.

• Dr. Louis Woods, an associate professor of history, was referenced by the Los Angeles Times for his research on the negative effects the GI Bill had on Black homeownership. Read the article from June 23.

• Dr. Ben Stickle, criminal justice professor, was interviewed June 24 by WGNS-AM/FM Radio about the use of virtual reality technology in police training. Listen to the interview.

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