Match Records is Lit

Are you in the dark about Match Records?


Did you even know MTSU had an operating record label run by students on campus?

…Or that Match Records is one of the only student-run record labels in the country?

Well, it’s time to get out of the dark… the match has been lit.

Every semester Match Records is scouting campus looking for fresh talent and signing the best artists on MTSU’s campus
… but they don’t stop there.

Match Records has multiple functions and is led by an executive team that runs each branch with their selected teams. This includes marketing, management, creative development, and live entertainment. The executive team is led by President Leo Sete, who oversees all functions and leads the label with advisor Stacy Merida.

Below is a short video clip of Leo Sete/Stacy Merida, explaining what the branches do and how they interconnect.

Match Records has a keen eye for not only finding talent, but also the resources to help build that artist up the way a big label would. It creates a business framework for students involved to learn the industry, while producing and preparing student artists for the industry post college.

DSC_0015Did I mention that MTSU’s RIM (Recording Industry major) department, including Match Records, is the only university recognized and accredited by the Grammy Foundation?

Just this past year, MTSU faculty and students working with Match Records traveled to Los Angeles, California, to be apart of MTSU’s official induction into the Grammy Museum!  Check out this article below to preview the amazing trip!

Behind the scenes and under the spotlight, Match Records stays on fire.

Every semester, Match Records opens up the floor for artists to compete against each other in a Beat Battle, a competition held on campus that is judged by a panel of professionals in the industry.

Beat Battle for 2017 will be on March 30th, in the LRC room 221, so make sure you come check it out and stick around for the after party too!

Aside from Beat Battle, Match Records hosts multiple events each semester, not just on campus, but locally too.

Later this semester, Match will be hosting a showcase for their artists at the Music City Hall of Fame on April 29th in Nashville.

A few of these artists will be …


… As well as guest appearances from other artists too! Admission to the showcase is free for students and admission to tour the Music City Hall of Fame is discounted for students as well. It will be an incredible night that you won’t want to miss.

I know, as a student it can be difficult to keep up with everything happening on campus and sort through all the events you want to attend. By plugging into Match Records on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, staying up to date on the latest music on campus will be effortless and exciting.

Match Records is an incredible organization that involves and promotes learning and development of students and artists on every level. Nothing can bring people together like music can… music is a connection, so whether you are here to learn or just to listen, you’ll walk away with something far greater than you can imagine.

So to all MTSU students out there, don’t stay in the dark any longer. Let’s light the match together.