MTSU, DSCC sign pact to streamline student transfe...

MTSU, DSCC sign pact to streamline student transfers

JACKSON, Tenn.—The presidents of Middle Tennessee State University and Dyersburg State Community College signed an agreement Nov. 10 that provides a framework for programs to enhance the educational experience of students attending both schools.

MTSU President Sidney A. McPhee, left, and Dyersburg State President Karen A. Bowyer sign the paperwork for a new enrollment agreement during a special ceremony Nov. 10 in Jackson, Tenn. (MTSU photo by Randy Weiler)

The agreement, signed by MTSU President Sidney A. McPhee and Dyersburg State President Karen A. Bowyer, includes dual admissions, concurrent enrollment, reverse transfer, consortium agreements and cooperative advising for students.

McPhee and Bowyer signed the agreement in Jackson prior to one of MTSU’s West Tennessee open-house events for prospective students.

“We deeply value this opportunity to strengthen our close relationship with Dyersburg State and believe this agreement affords tremendous opportunities for the students we both serve,” McPhee said.

MTSU Wordmark“We are proud that MTSU is the No. 1 destination of transfer students in Tennessee and pleased this agreement will make it easier for Dyersburg State students to attend our university.”

Bowyer said Dyersburg State Community College is “delighted to have the opportunity to sign a dual agreement with MTSU.”

“In the past, DSCC students have easily transferred to MTSU,” she said. “This agreement will ensure that now students are better informed about college-completion requirements every step of the way, from their first days at DSCC to their arrival at MTSU as a full-fledged college junior.”

More than 50 Dyersburg State students have transferred to MTSU in the last two years.

Dual admission offers a structured, guaranteed pathway to help Dyersburg State students progress from an associate’s degree program directly to a bachelor’s degree program at MTSU. Students must meet specific eligibility requirements to apply for dual admission and to participate in concurrent enrollment.

The new agreement allows joint admissions and opportunities for concurrent class enrollment at both institutions. It also will enable students to receive financial aid based on combined enrollment.

Dyersburg State students also will receive an MTSU ID, email address and access to the University’s RaiderNet/PipelineMT system, where they will be able to obtain their MTSU information online.

Officials from both schools said the goal is to eliminate barriers for students in attaining their educational goals, as well as to improve academic programs and student success and retention.

The reverse-transfer aspect of the agreement allows DSCC students who transfer to MTSU before receiving an associate’s degree to transfer their MTSU course work back to the community college, eventually allowing them to get a Dyersburg State Community College diploma.

“The reverse-transfer element of this agreement, the first of its kind among agreements we have signed, is particularly exciting,” McPhee said. “It gives Dyersburg State students several options to earn degrees from both institutions.”

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