MTSU’s Brown among ‘2017 Most Influential in Concr...

MTSU’s Brown among ‘2017 Most Influential in Concrete Construction’

A higher education leader who has been turning out future leaders in the concrete industry for more than 15 years, MTSU’s Heather Brown has been named one of four 2017 Most Influential People in Concrete Construction by an industry publication.

Dr. Heather Brown

Dr. Heather Brown

Brown, director of the newly combined School of Concrete and Construction Management, learned recently about the Hanley Wood’s Commercial Construction Group’s “most influential” national recognition, which also included Jereme Montgomery, Steve Lloyd and Jim Cornell.

Brown told Bill Palmer, editorial director of Hanley Wood’s Commercial Construction Group, taht MTSU “is the only school at a major university with the word ‘concrete’ in our name.”

Not long after arriving at MTSU, Brown said she “found out that I love teaching and the interaction with the concrete industry.” She directs five faculty members and a marketing staff member, and the school recently hired a new event coordinator.

Concrete Industry Management is one of the university’s signature programs.

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