MTSU’s College of Business collaborates with NAHQ ...

MTSU’s College of Business collaborates with NAHQ to expand MBA health care curriculum

Middle Tennessee State University and the National Association for Healthcare Quality have collaborated to hardwire NAHQ’s quality and safety principles as content in the university’s 2023 graduate coursework. 

The course, “Healthcare Quality and Accountability for Leaders,” will be available to Master of Business Administration in healthcare management students in the Jennings A. Jones College of Business at MTSU. 

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“Our post-COVID-19 environment has prioritized quality and safety across the health care industry,” said NAHQ Chief Executive Officer Stephanie Mercado. “More than ever, professionals in both clinical and non-clinical settings are becoming aware of how inconsistencies in the training and education process can lead to medical error, negatively impact patient outcomes, and increase operational waste for health care facilities and systems. 

“NAHQ is committed to partnering with universities that are preparing health care leaders to address the vital need for consistent quality principles which are foundational to problem solving in health care.”  

Jones College of Business assistant professor Richard Tarpey said collaboration with NAHQ and incorporating its competency-based content into the health care concentration curriculum of MTSU’s MBA “program provides students with a clear advantage in career preparation.” 

Dr. Richard J. Tarpey, Department of Management
Dr. Richard Tarpey

“Quality is a critical component of healthcare services careers, so we are excited to provide students with nationally recognized content to develop quality expertise to meet the increasing demand within the field,” Tarpey said. “Given the position of the Middle Tennessee region as a significant hub of health care services, our students will have tremendous opportunities to secure and advance their careers. Our vision is to continuously improve our curriculum to incorporate content leading students to earn NAHQ certificates and CPHQ certifications in the future.”

NAHQ’s HQ principles introduces quality and safety principles, methodologies, and concepts that enable health care quality and safety professionals to expand their knowledge and integrate quality into practice settings. The online course features:

  • Tools for quality improvement projects.
  • Case studies on health care improvement projects and use of quality tools across the care continuum.
  • Information on data visualization tools.
  • Downloadable participant workbook.

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