MTSU students’ priority registration runs through ...

MTSU students’ priority registration runs through Nov. 18

MTSU students still have a weeklong window of opportunity remaining for priority registration for the spring 2018 semester.

Priority registration, which began Nov. 6, will continue through Saturday, Nov. 18, officials in the Office of Student Success said.

This is an opportunity for MTSU students to register for their spring classes. It is important they register as early as possible to obtain the classes they need to stay on track for a four-year graduation.

Dr. Rick Sluder, vice provost for student success

Dr. Rick Sluder

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Rick Sluder, vice provost for Student Success at MTSU, said students should see their adviser to be prepared to enroll for spring courses in accordance with their scheduled time.

“The importance of students getting the courses they need at the times they want cannot be overemphasized,” said Sluder, who also is dean of the University College. “Take care of business today to be ready for success in spring 2018. See your adviser and enroll in your courses now.”

Students should do the following to ensure they can register on time:

  • Check MTSU Pipeline for their assigned registration time, the specific date and time they can begin to register for classes.
  • Check Pipeline for any holds on their account and resolve them before their assigned registration time.
  • Visit their adviser to discuss what classes to take (all students should check in with an adviser and some will have a hold requiring them to do so).
  • Plan their schedule and a backup schedule, to be ready to register (use the Schedule Planner tool on Pipeline).

Students who wait to register may miss out on ideal class times or even necessary classes for their major. Faculty should ask their students if they have met with an adviser and know their assigned registration time.

Advisers have been working since the start of the fall semester to make students aware of the importance of having a plan, mapping their degree progress, and staying on track, said Sluder.

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