MTSU honors 58 retiring employees for 1,440-plus c...

MTSU honors 58 retiring employees for 1,440-plus combined years of service to students, community

Middle Tennessee State University is saluting 58 retiring employees as the 2022-23 academic year begins winding down, honoring their 1,449 combined years of service devoted to students and the campus community.

The faculty and staff members, and some of their families, gathered April 6 for a special retirement reception in the Student Union ballroom, where University President Sidney A. McPhee praised their careers at every level of service.

Dr. Glenn Littlepage, Department of Psychology and faculty member, MTSU Center for Organizational and Human Resource Effectiveness
Dr. Glenn Littlepage

The longest-tenured employee honored this year is Dr. Glenn Littlepage of the Department of Psychology in the College of Behavioral and Health Sciences, who marked his 49th year of teaching at MTSU.

Fellow educators James O. “Jim” Huffman of the Womack Educational Leadership Department in the College of Education and Harold “Terry” Whiteside, longtime dean of the College of Behavioral and Health Sciences, celebrated their 48th years with the university.

Sixteen more faculty and staff members marked 30- to 40-year-long careers of service at MTSU

Littlepage, a Murfreesboro resident, was a social psychologist specializing in group processes and performance and worked closely with MTSU’s Industrial/Organizational Psychology Program and the Center for Organizational and Human Resource Effectiveness. He specialized in studying and sharing the psychology of social behavior, group dynamics and workgroup effectiveness and was named a professor emeritus last fall.

Dr. James O. “Jim” Huffman, chair of the Womack Educational Leadership Department in the College of Education.
Dr. Jim Huffman

Huffman, a Murfreesboro resident and former Womack Leadership chair, focused on serving educators who wanted to develop their careers beyond daily K-12 classroom teaching helping them earn Master of Education and education specialist degrees in multiple administration and supervision concentrations, including university-level teaching.

Dr. Terry Whiteside
Dr. Terry Whiteside

Whiteside, also a Murfreesboro resident, began as a psychology professor at MTSU, creating the university’s sports psychology course. Along with serving as MTSU’s only two-time Faculty Senate president, Whiteside was the university’s NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative and was named a professor emeritus last fall.

Their fellow new retirees and their departments include:

Tim Anderson of Murfreesboro, Grounds and Greenhouse Services, Facilities Services Department.

Sheila Balch of Murfreesboro, Student Health Services.

Celia Bradley of Murfreesboro, Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Laura Buckner of Lascassas, Tennessee, Department of Marketing.

Kimball Bullington of Murfreesboro, Department of Management.

Brenda Burkhart of Murfreesboro, Office of Audit and Consulting Services.

William Butler Jr. of Murfreesboro, Department of Biology.

Susan Center of Murfreesboro, Student Health Services.

Stan Clark of Owens Cross Roads, Alabama, Department of Accounting.

Alba Coppola of Murfreesboro, Student Health Services.

David Dunaway of Murfreesboro, Building Services, Facilities Services Department.

Norma Dunlap of Franklin, Tennessee, Department of Chemistry.

Steve Estes of Murfreesboro, Department of Health and Human Performance.

Richard Farley of Murfreesboro, Department of Health and Human Performance.

Terri Ferrell of Readyville, Tennessee, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies.

Mary Ellen Fromuth of Murfreesboro, Department of Psychology.

Becky Garrett of Murfreesboro, College of Media and Entertainment advising.

Tim Graeff of Nolensville, Tennessee, Department of Marketing.

Connie Hagberg of Wartrace, Tennessee, Facilities Services Department.

Marie Harrell of Murfreesboro, Women’s and Gender Studies Program.

Clay Harris of Murfreesboro, Department of Geosciences.

Cheryl Hitchcock of Rock Island, Tennessee, Department of Elementary and Special Education.

Robert Holtzclaw of Murfreesboro, Department of English.

Greg Hunt of Manchester, Tennessee, WMOT Radio.

Ellen Jones of Murfreesboro, Resource and Operations Management.

MTSU Human Resource Services logo

Katherine Jones of Murfreesboro, College of Education.

Robin Jones of Murfreesboro, Information Technology Division.

Zaf Khan of Murfreesboro, Department of Elementary and Special Education.

Teresa King of Jacksonville, Florida, Department of Human Sciences.

Marlene Lane of Murfreesboro, Department of University Studies.

Gina Logue of Shelbyville, Tennessee, Office of News and Media Relations.

Karen Martin of Murfreesboro, James E. Walker Library.

Charles Milligan of Satellite Beach, Florida, Womack Educational Leadership Department.

Claudette Northcutt of Murfreesboro, School of Music.

Matthew O’Brien of Franklin, Department of Recording Industry.

Mike Osborne of Murfreesboro, WMOT Radio.

Marc Parrish of Franklin, Department of Media Arts.

Jeannie Paul of Murfreesboro, MTSU Farm Laboratory.

Cynthia Phiffer of Smyrna, Tennessee, University Honors College.

Delores Phillips of Lebanon, Tennessee, Parking Services Office.

Tamala Pincheon of Murfreesboro, Business Office.

Marsha Powers of Murfreesboro, University Honors College.

Kelvin Rankins of Murfreesboro, Printing Services Department.

David Senior of Murfreesboro, Unified Communications – ITD Client Services.

Drew Shea of Murfreesboro, Athletics Department.

Lisa Sheehan-Smith of Franklin, Department of Human Sciences.

Peggy Slater of Murfreesboro, Registrar’s Office.

Judy Smith of Murfreesboro, Experiential Learning Program.

Mary Jane Staples of Murfreesboro, Procurement Services.

Roland Untch of Murfreesboro, Department of Computer Science.

Rick Vanosdall of Thompson’s Station, Tennessee, College of Education.

Derek Vincion of Eagleville, Tennessee, Department of Receiving and Moving Services.

Michael Wheaton of Chattahoochee, Florida, James E. Walker Library.

Lucille Wilcox of Smyrna, Tennessee, College of Media and Entertainment advising.

Stephen Wright of Murfreesboro, Department of Biology.

The university’s academic year concludes at the end of each summer session. MTSU’s spring 2023 commencement ceremonies are set for Friday and Saturday, May 5-6, and the summer 2023 session, which begins on Monday, May 22, will conclude with summer commencement on Saturday, Aug. 12.

MTSU’s 2023-24 academic year will begin with fall 2023 classes on Monday, Aug. 28.

MTSU, which employs more than 2,500 faculty and staff members campuswide, honors its employees regularly with opportunities that include the MTSU Employee Recognition Program awards for administrators, classified and technical/service personnel and the MTSU Foundation Awards and Faculty Recognition presentations each fall.

For more information about MTSU employee recognition programs, visit the university’s Human Resource Services program site at

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