Stadiums, housing, Buchanan are focus of MTSU econ...

Stadiums, housing, Buchanan are focus of MTSU economics lectures

MTSU is hosting a series of three guest lectures in the coming weeks focusing on economics, starting Tuesday night, March 5.

Dennis Coates of the University of Maryland-Baltimore County will speak on sports economics and public financing of sports stadiums at 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 5, in the State Farm Room of the Business and Aerospace Building.

econ lectures graphic croppedThe Department of Economics and Finance and the MTSU Economics Club will host Coates.

All three lectures will be held in the State Farm Room and are open to the public. Each lecture will be an hour long, followed by a 15-minute question-and-answer session.

Matthew Yglesias, an economics blogger and journalist for, will speak at 7 p.m. Wednesday, March 20. Yglesias will discuss housing regulation, rent control, zoning laws, and his latest book, The Rent is Too Damn High.

Yglesias will be co-hosted by the MTSU School of Journalism, the Distinguished Lecture Fund and the Economics Club.

Don Boudreaux of George Mason University and will speak at 7 p.m. Monday, April 22, about the life and contributions of Nobel Prize winner and MTSU alumnus James M. Buchanan, who passed away Jan. 9.

Boudreaux will be hosted by the Department of Economics, the Economics Club and the University Honors College, which awards the James Buchanan Fellowship to 20 undergraduate applicants each year in his honor.

For more information, call Dr. Michael Hammock, assistant professor in the Department of Economics and Finance, at 615-494-8678.

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