Todd Gallery features ‘In Light: Works from ...

Todd Gallery features ‘In Light: Works from Five Photographers’

"Untitled" (photo by Chris Donohue)

The Todd Gallery at MTSU will host the remarkable work of five MTSU photography students in “In Light: Works from Five Photographers” through Thursday, May 31.

Photos by Patrick Casey, Malina Chavez, Bradley Marshall, Chris Donahue and Darby Campbell will be included in the new exhibit, which is free and open to the public.

“I offer no philosophy, no deep meaning and no striking social observation,” Casey says of his work. “Instead I only wish for you, the viewer, to look at my work and to find yourself.”

"Gossip" (photo by Darby Campbell)

Chavez’s focus is “about connectedness, loss … and personal desires in a world full of mediated social programming.” She says that she intends her photos to help observers consider “how our interactions with new technologies constantly force us to rethink our current notions of what it means to be human.”

For Marshall, photography is an ongoing study of the contemporary landscape and the imprint that humanity makes upon the natural world. He says he is exploring “the tensions and relationships between suburbia and the ever-changing Southern landscape that we continue to shape over the years.”

Campbell’s photos are selections from her series “A Short Commentary on the Female Condition.” She deals with women’s issues, roles and place within the social landscape. Campbell also has included sculptural and installation elements that are drawn from her interests in the free-thought movement, natural world, science and the people in her life.

"Murfreesboro, Tenn." (photo by Bradley Marshall)

Donahue’s body of work features an eclectic variety of people and places with a focus on the diversity of everyday people, whether through race, belief, or profession.

The Todd Gallery’s hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday; the facility is closed on state holidays.

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