MTSU Student Success Office launches video series ...

MTSU Student Success Office launches video series on remote learning best practices [+VIDEO]

With many classes being taught in a hybrid, online or remote environment because of COVID-19, many people are finding this unique semester a little more difficult to manage.

To help everyone make the most of this unconventional learning experience, Middle Tennessee State University’s Office of Student Success is launching a video series featuring professors, mental health professionals, and students sharing tips and guidance with the MTSU community.

Dr. Ryan Korstange, Department of University Studies, University College

Dr. Ryan Korstange

Dr. Vincent Windrow

Dr. Vincent Windrow

“We recognize things are different; things are tough right now,” said university studies assistant professor Ryan Korstange. “We also know that we can help. MTSU is full of people who have thought deeply about learning and spent their lives learning.”

The video sessions will be pre-recorded and premiere each week starting Thursday at 3 p.m. on the MTSU YouTube channel and on various university Facebook pages. With new topics covered each week, learning experts will discuss the best ways to manage time, how to maximize learning during online and remote classes, and resources students can leverage to get help.

MTSU wordmark“There are countless resources that MTSU offers to students to help them get the most out of their college experience,” said Vincent Windrow, vice provost in the Office of Student Success. “We hope these sessions will add to the long list of services available to students and will even continue to help students in hybrid or online classes once things around campus get back to normal.”

Anyone who’s interested can view the introductory session right now at the top of this story or on YouTube to learn some helpful tips from Korstange about staying on course this semester, and if you’d like to receive updates when new sessions are available, subscribe to the MTSU YouTube channel or follow the university Facebook pages.

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