‘1st Monday’ tornado-siren testing wil...

‘1st Monday’ tornado-siren testing will continue at MTSU for 2023-24 academic year; next test Sept. 4

MTSU will continue testing its tornado sirens on the first Monday of each month during the 2023-24 academic year to help keep the university community safer.

MTSU tests its tornado sirens on campus and at the Miller Coliseum Complex each month, weather permitting, to ensure their proper operation. Each test lasts only a few moments, and safety actions aren’t required.

The MTSU Police Department will continue testing the siren system on the first Monday of each month at 11:20 a.m. Central. Officials began using the more easily remembered schedule in 2019 to reduce distractions for classes and community neighbors.

Following the Aug. 7 test, the next test is Monday, Sept. 4.

stylized B&W tornado graphic on an MTSU blue background with a text box reading "In case of tornado"

The university will continue to notify the campus community via social media, emails and posts at before these monthly tests.

If severe weather is forecast or occurring on campus at a scheduled test time, organizers may cancel the tornado-siren test to prevent confusion and unnecessary alarm.

If a test date falls on a holiday when MTSU is closed, such as the upcoming Labor Day holiday on Monday, Sept. 4, the department will conduct the test as scheduled.

MTSU’s campus community can prepare for emergency weather anytime by checking the university’s list of recommended shelter sites, tornado preparation suggestions and frequently asked questions at

Remember: When there’s a weather emergency, all MTSU students, faculty and staff automatically receive a Rave Mobile Safety alert at their university email addresses.

MTSU community members who also want text and/or voice alerts can choose those notifications at the red “click here and log in” link at

MTSU’s 2023-24 academic year begins Monday, Aug. 28, with the first day of fall 2023 classes.

MTSU 2023-24 Schedule for Tornado-Siren Testing

(All tests will be held at 11:20 a.m. Central.)

  • Monday, Aug. 7
  • Monday, Sept. 4 
  • Monday, Oct. 2 (Canceled)
  • Monday, Nov. 6
  • Monday, Dec. 4
  • Monday, Jan. 1 (Canceled)
  • Monday, Feb. 5 (Equipment issue)
  • Monday, March 4 (Canceled)
  • Monday, April 1
  • Monday, May 6 (Canceled)
  • Monday, June 3
  • Monday, July 1

For more information about MTSU’s operations plan when weather affects class schedules and university events, visit

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