In the News: MTSU experts address workplace divers...

In the News: MTSU experts address workplace diversity, pilot wages, free speech, more

Pilots’ wages, workplace diversity, student demonstrations and the evolution of the American presidency are some of the topics recently tackled by MTSU faculty for a variety of mass media outlets.

Dr. Wendy Beckman, chair of the Department of Aerospace, commented on entry-level wages for new regional airline pilots for The post was picked up by Nashville Public Radio,, Business Insider, Marketplace, KCBX-FM, KUAR-FM, South Carolina Public Radio, WVTF-FM,, WUNC-FM, WUWM-FM and WESA-FM. The original post is available here.

Dr. Wendy Beckman

Dr. Wendy Beckman

Dr. Ric Morris

Dr. Ric Morris

Dr. Jackie Gilbert

Dr. Jackie Gilbert

Dr. Ric Morris, professor of Spanish, discussed non-rhotic accents (dropping pronunciation of the letter “r” in certain words) in the South in a December interview with Nashville Public Radio. The transcript can be read and audio heard here.

Dr. Jackie Gilbert, a professor of management, explained how to manage a culturally diverse workplace for Feb. 13. Her essay can be accessed here.

Dr. John Vile, political scientist and dean of the University Honors College, explained how the American presidency has changed on NewsChannel5+’s “Inside Politics” program Feb. 16. The video can be viewed here.

Kent Syler, an associate professor of political science, dissected the first ads of the Tennessee gubernatorial campaign for National Public Radio in a Feb. 28 interview, which is accessible here.

Dr. John Vile

Dr. John Vile

Kent Syler, assistant professor, political science

Kent Syler

Professor Charles Dahan

Charles Dahan

Dr. Pippa Holloway, history

Dr. Pippa Holloway

Syler analyzed Nashville Mayor Megan Barry’s resignation on WSMV-TV’s March 6 newscasts. A clip can be seen here.

Syler previewed the special election to fill the state Senate seat being vacated by Jim Tracy for a story in the March 8 edition of The Tennessean. It is available here.

Charles Dahan, a professor of recording industry, explained how guitarist Charlie Christian influenced bandleader Benny Goodman for a March 11 post at His analysis is available here.

Dr. Pippa Holloway, a professor of history, offered her perspective on the history of student protests in a story about the National Student Walkout for a March 12 post at The article can be read here.

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