In the News: Homelessness, white supremacists, the...

In the News: Homelessness, white supremacists, the Holocaust, the Mueller Report and more

National media outlets recently published the perspectives of MTSU faculty experts on topics including voter registration, white supremacists, the Mueller Report, teaching children about the Holocaust and transgender history.

Becca Seul, assistant director of the MT One Stop

Becca Seul

Dr. Sekou Franklin

Dr. Sekou Franklin

Becca Seul, assistant director of the MT One Stop, was interviewed for an April 2 report on WTVF-TV about a bill in the Tennessee General Assembly to require each state-supported institution of higher learning to hire a point person to help homeless students. The video and transcript are available here.

Dr. Sekou Franklin, an associate professor of political science and international affairs, criticized a bill in the Tennessee General Assembly that would require voter registration groups to undergo training and face fines for submitting too many incomplete forms. Franklin commented for an April 13 report on CNN. His views can be read here.

Dr. Carter Smith, lecturer in the Department of Criminal Justice

Dr. Carter Smith

Dr. Michael Federici, chair, Department of Political Science and International Relations

Dr. Michael Federici

Dr. Carter F. Smith, an instructor in the Department of Criminal Justice Administration, stated that the military can be a source of recruitment for white supremacist groups in an April 17 Denver Post story. His opinion is accessible here.

Dr. Michael Federici, a professor of political science and international affairs, delivered a lecture titled “American Statesmanship: Views of Leadership Then and Now” April 17 at the Columbus School of Law on the campus of the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. That lecture is posted on YouTube and can be viewed here.

Dr. Kevin Krahenbuhl, assistant professor, Womack Department of Educational Leadership, College of Education; interim director, Assessment, Learning, and School Improvement Ed.D. Program

Dr. Kevin Krahenbuhl

Leon Alligood

Leon Alligood

Dr. Kevin Krahenbuhl, an assistant professor of education, recommended resources for teaching the Holocaust to youngsters in an April 24 story in Education Dive. His comments can be read here.

Leon Alligood, an associate professor of journalism and strategic media, remarked that the printing press was a comfort to him while he was a reporter with The Tennessean for an April 25 story in the Columbia Journalism Review. His comments are available here.


Dr. John Vile

Dr. John Vile

Dr. Kathy Burriss, Elementary and Special Education faculty

Dr. Kathy Burriss

Dr. John Vile, dean of the University Honors College and a political scientist, analyzed the redacted version of the Mueller Report on the April 29 edition of “Inside Politics” on NewsChannel5+. The video can be seen here.

Dr. Kathleen Burriss, a professor of elementary and special education, expressed her viewpoint on helping children learn techniques to resolve conflicts for an April 30 story in Pittsburgh Parent magazine. Her comment can be accessed here.

Dr. Roberta Chevrette, assistant professor, Department of Communication Studies and Organizational Communication

Dr. Roberta Chevrette

Dr. Warren Gill

Dr. Roberta Chevrette, an assistant professor of communication studies, remarked on the impact of racially diverse people in positions of power for a May 6 story for CNN International. Her quotes can be read here.

Dr. Warren Gill, an emeritus professor of agriculture, explains a sheep shearing class at MTSU in a May 8 report on RFD-TV’s “America’s Heartland.” The video can be viewed here.

Dr. Marisa Richmond, an adjunct professor of history, stated that transgender history has been largely removed from LGBTQ history in a May 9 story at Her views can be read here.

Dr. Marisa Richmond, MTSU history and Women's and Gender Studies program professor (photo by H.N. James)

Dr. Marisa Richmond

Kent Syler, assistant professor, political science

Kent Syler

Dr. Kelly Williams, assistant professor, accounting

Dr. Kelly Williams

Kent Syler, a professor of political science and international affairs, commented on the politics of educational savings accounts in Tennessee for a May 10 article in the Nashville Ledger. His perspective is available here.

Dr. Kelly Williams, an assistant professor of accounting, wrote an article titled “4 Ways to Save Time in Excel” that was published in the Journal of Accountancy May 13. It is available here.

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