In the News: Social distancing, Confederate images...

In the News: Social distancing, Confederate images, women’s suffrage, racial bias and more

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MTSU faculty experts recently shared their expertise with national media outlets on various subjects including social distancing, women’s suffrage, transfer students, mortgage calculators and the power of aromas.

Dr. Katie Foss, associate professor of media studies in MTSU's School of Journalism and Strategic Media

Dr. Katie Foss

Dr. Crystal deGregory, research fellow, Center for Historic Preservation

Dr. Crystal deGregory

• Dr. Katie Foss, a professor of media studies, talked about social distancing’s impact on her children at school in an Aug. 20 article in National Geographic. Her remarks can be read here.

• Dr. Crystal deGregory, a research fellow with the Center for Historic Preservation, analyzed the importance of social gatherings in the women’s suffrage movement for an Aug. 20 article at Her views are available here.

Dr. Jessica Gaby, assistant professor, psychology

Dr. Jessica Gaby

Alicia Abney, advising manager, College of Education

Alicia Abney

• Dr. Jessica Gaby, an assistant professor of psychology, explained the powerful impact that aromas can have on the psyche for an Aug. 24 story in Best Coffee magazine. Her comments can be read here.

Alicia Abney, advising manager for the College of Education, said transfer students sometimes need help adjusting to a new campus environment in an Aug. 25 story for The EvoLLLution.  The article is available here.

Kent Syler, assistant professor, political science

Kent Syler

Sarah E. Calise, archivist, Political and Regional Collections, Albert Gore Research Center at MTSU

Sarah Calise

Kent Syler, a professor of political science and international relations, said the incumbent political party gets an inordinate share of praise and blame in an Aug. 26 article in the Westside Gazette of Broward County, Florida, and other newspapers. His remarks can be accessed here.

Sarah Calise, an archivist at the Albert Gore Research Center, explained the history of MTSU’s use of Nathan Bedford Forrest’s name and Confederate imagery in an Aug. 27 report on WKRN-TV in Nashville. The video can be viewed here.

Larry Maples, assistant AD/equipment

Larry Maples

Dr. Benjamin Stickle, associate professor, Department of Criminal Justice Administration

Dr. Ben Stickle

Larry Maples, associate athletic director for facilities and events, showed how personnel are trying to keep players and coaches safe during the COVID-19 pandemic in an Aug. 28 report on WSMV-TV in Nashville. The video can be seen here.

• Dr. Ben Stickle, an associate professor of criminal justice administration, stated what most people do when they believe they have been victims of porch piracy for an Aug. 29 article in The New York Times. His comments can be read here.

MTSU marketing professor Dr. Virginia Hemby-Grubb

Dr. Virginia Hemby-Grubb

Dr. Philip Seagraves, assistant professor, Department of Economics and Finance

Dr. Philip Seagraves

• Dr. Virginia Hemby-Grubb, a professor of business education, explained how nontraditional students’ course choices differ from those of other students in a Sept. 3 article in BizEd Magazine. Her views are available here.

• Dr. Philip Seagraves, a professor of economics and finance, questioned the credibility of online mortgage calculators in a Sept. 3 article at His comments can be read here.

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