Letters to the Editor (Fall 2011)

Letters to the Editor (Fall 2011)

Since my wife is an alum of MTSU, we receive all the publications. The new magazine is FIRST RATE in every way. Also, it has been some time since I have seen a magazine with photos that “pop” like this. There is probably a national competition for publications of this type, so be sure to enter it. Wow.

Jim Sparks
Jim Sparks Communications

[Editor’s Note: Jim “Doc” Sparks is the former editor of Tennessee Business magazine, the Volunteer State’s first-ever glossy, full-color business magazine. Thanks for your kind words, Doc.]

I am surprised that the University decided to name Middle Tennessee’s new alumni magazine MTSU Magazine at a time when so many members of the University community want MTSU to change its name to the University of Middle Tennessee. Other than the name, I find the new alumni publication more attractive and appealing than the Alumni Record. However, I would have chosen a different name other than MTSU Magazine and one that reflects the new era of the University. Why not name the publication, Middle Tennessee Magazine or MT Magazine?

Mark Finley, M.B.A. (’98)

What a marvelous work the new MTSU Magazine is. You guys have set the bar pretty high with this first edition, and I look forward to receiving the subsequent issue. As a leading proponent for changing the school name to Univ. of Middle Tennessee (UMT), I appreciated Dr. McPhee’s comments and analysis…As usual, his pragmatism comes to the forefront, and I couldn’t agree with him more in that the top priority should be the completion of the science building and new labs. Let’s hope the economy and other things politically change for the better, and the name change can be effected in the future. I’m patient.

Bob Coleman (’58)

What an excellent edition of the new magazine. My husband, Russell Smith, and I are both graduates, ’56–’57, as well as our three children and their spouses. I was vice president of the student body along with John Bass as president. Give our regards to Suma Clark as she was a classmate. Again, thanks.

Joyce Watson Smith (’57)

I enjoyed the Spring 2011 edition of the MTSU Magazine very much. I am truly disappointed, however, to see all factions of athletics represented on page 7 and not a cheerleader in the bunch. I am all too aware that many people do not consider cheerleading a sport, but these young people are trained athletes who work and train long hard hours just as the “real” athletes do. They suffer sports injuries and are treated by many of the same physicians as the “real” athletes. They compete in National competitions. Yet, you publish a full-page photo of every kind of athlete imaginable, and the cheerleaders are not represented. Please give these hardworking students the credit and respect they deserve.

Karla Wright

I received my copy of the new MTSU Magazine yesterday, and it looks spectacular! The writing, layout, and graphics are all top-notch! Overall, I most enjoyed reading the professional profiles of past graduates; however, my favorite profile was on Larry Sizemore, the grounds supervisor. What a neat guy with such a long career! Kudos for taking the time to highlight his knowledge, years of hard work, and accomplishments. Congratulations on a job well done!

J. Scott Ellis
General Counsel
Smith & Wesson
Security Solutions

I was impressed by the new MTSU Magazine. Well done!

Keith W. Carlson
Retired Professor
Department of Psychology


Page 17 in the April edition of MTSU Magazine referred to the “87,300-square-foot education building that will house the College of Behavioral and Health Sciences.” Actually it will house only the College of Education.