MTSU Out of the Blue: September 2019

On the September 2019 edition of “Out of the Blue” television magazine from Middle Tennessee State University, host Andrew Oppmann and his guests introduce us to a new scholarship for incoming freshmen in 2020, explore our growing international affairs master’s program and look in on the Political Economy Research Institute, a joint venture between the Jennings A. Jones College of Business and the University Honors College.

Guests on this edition include:

• Dr. Deb Sells, vice president for student affairs and vice provost for enrollment and academic services, who discusses MTSU’s rising academic profile and a new guaranteed True Blue Scholarship for qualifying incoming freshmen.

• Dr. Jonathan DiCicco, associate professor in the Department of Political Science and International Affairs, who talks about the master’s degree in international affairs that is one of the fastest growing graduate program offerings at MTSU.

• Dr. Daniel Smith, director of the Political Economy Research Institute and an associate professor in the Department of Economics and Finance, who discusses an upcoming lecture series as well as the mission of the institute, which is inspired, in part, by the university’s ties to a prominent alumnus, the late economist Dr. James Buchanan, who won the 1986 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his work on public choice theory.

You can watch “Out of the Blue” online anytime and on Murfreesboro cable Channel 9 daily at 7 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. and on NewsChannel5+ at 3:30 p.m. Sundays. “Out of the Blue” also is available as iTunes and Google Play podcasts and on other cable outlets in Middle Tennessee, so check local listings.