Sigma Nu Fraternity suspends MTSU chapter’s ...

Sigma Nu Fraternity suspends MTSU chapter’s charter

LEXINGTON, Va. — Sigma Nu Fraternity’s national headquarters announced the suspension of the charter of its Theta Iota Chapter at MTSU, effective immediately, for alcohol misuse and hazing-related incidents.

The fraternity’s decision, made in consultation with Theta Iota alumni and MTSU officials, means the chapter will cease to function until recolonization. Activities of the chapter must immediately cease and members of the chapter have been notified of the suspensions and the terms.

The Theta Iota Chapter will be eligible to return to MTSU for the Spring 2019 semester.Sigma Nu logo-crop

The chapter came under scrutiny this past August after the university received a cell phone video showing images of nudity and alcohol consumption at an August party at the fraternity house on Greek Row. The chapter was on probation by MTSU at the time of the party.

“Sigma Nu regrets the loss of the Theta Iota chapter. However, in keeping with our mission to develop ethical leaders, the fraternity cannot tolerate such violations of its law, policies and principles,” said Brad Beacham, executive director of Sigma Nu Fraternity, in a Nov. 3 release from the fraternity.

“We will work with Theta Iota alumni leaders, university officials and student leaders to re-establish this legacy of leadership at MTSU in the future. We are grateful for our strong partnership with MTSU, and we appreciate the university’s continuing support,” Beacham said.

MTSU spokesman Andrew Oppmann said Sigma Nu’s investigation and findings mirrored a similar inquiry by the university.

“We appreciate the leadership put forward by Sigma Nu’s national organization and concur with its decision,” he said. “We look forward to working with Sigma Nu officials when the chapter is eligible for reinstatement.”

Headquartered in Lexington, Va., Sigma Nu Fraternity was founded in 1869 at Virginia Military Institute. The fraternity currently has 165 active chapters and colonies and has initiated more than 235,000 members since its founding.

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