The Ultimate Freshman Bucket List

The Ultimate Freshman Bucket List

Congratulations you are finally in college!

You may be asking yourself, what now? Here are a few things every freshman should strive to check off their college bucket list.

Lead the Student Section

Man cheering for the student section

MTSU cheerleaders leading fight song for the student section. Photo via MTSUNews

It is your turn to shine as a True Blue student! As a first-year student, it is important to hop on the bandwagon early. This could be your chance to lead the Student Section in the fight song. !!!M-T-S-U GO Raiders GO!!!

Become friends with your RA

RA reading to student

Residence Assistant (RA) reading a bed time story to a student as a joking birthday present. Photo via Buzzfeed.

Yeah, this means you need to live on campus! Cummings and Corlew are the best places for first-year students. They’re not called the “freshman experience” for nothing. Maybe yours will even read you a bedtime story. 

Take part in the campus button campaign

The button campaign is a great way to start feeling more attached to campus while collecting rare buttons. Week of Welcome events is the best to find Connection Point buttons. The others can be found in the different building and other events on campus. The most impressive is to collect the President’s button, but you have to find him first.

Leave your dorm room open every time you are home.

Get to know you the people in your hall. Maybe even host a fancy dinner party or even a Netflix movie night.

Become the president of an organization.

Looks good on a resume, helps you develop leadership skills and shows you can handle school with extra work. You might not become President of the United States, but you can at least be president of something. Click here to learn more about our over 100 student organizations for you to choose from.

Conquer the Freshman Fifteen

Campus Recreation Center

Campus Recreation Center

Sign up for a fitness class at the Rec with your friends. Maybe even make it a weekly thing. Believe me when I say the freshman fifteen is a real thing.

Make the Dean’s List

Set your goals high and start good habits soon. Those 8 am classes aren’t bad when it means getting an A.

Week of Welcome

Student at Week of Welcome.

Student at Week of Welcome. Photo via MTSUNews

This sets the tone for freshman year! A week full of events just for you. Comedy night, Carnival at the Student Union and as much free food that you could ever need.

Explore the Boro

This is your home for the next four years. It is time to get comfy and explore everything this amazing city has to offer. We have plenty of places to enjoy the outdoors like the Greenway, or any of our parks. Shopping is cover between the Avenue and Stones River. There are also great events that happen at the square like Jazzfest and Uncle Dave Macon Days.

Start a new event on campus

Remember you are a part of the True Blue family now. You never know you might just start the next 20-year tradition. Crash the Commons is a great example of how a group of students can come up with a most favored event for the fall. 

Try not to lose your Blue ID

That 10% student discount is more useful than you think. Those pennies add up!  If you do though you can go get another one made for a small price in the One Stop building, right next to the Rec Center. 

Plan to study aboard early

MTSU students study abroad in Spain.

MTSU students study abroad. Photo via Mike Bowen, Campus Rec

Studying aboard is a lot easier and more affordable than you think. The quicker you start the faster you can learn Spanish in Spain.

Go Greek

2011 MTSU Centennial Homecoming.
Greek homecoming parade participants.

Rush a Greek organization. You can make best friends for life, be extremely involved on campus and obtain great connects.

Form Study Groups

Make sure to get to know the people surrounding you in class. Make a group to study with for those tough exams. It will reinforce study habits and help you make some new friends.

Focus on Finishing GenEd Requirements

If you haven’t found a major, then these are your most important classes. They need to be finished to graduate, but knocking them out early will help you focus on more rigorous classes later.

Get to Know Your Professors

As underclassmen, you are required to meet with an advisor once a semester. Make the most out of their advice and go to them whenever you have a question regarding the class or your degree.

Tutoring Can Be Life Changing

Student attending tutoring.

A student attending tutoring. Photo via MTSUNews

MTSU offers tutors that are students just like you all. If you aren’t understanding the material in your classes seek help. The center is located on the first floor of the library.

Go to Class

Students on the way to class.

Students on the way to class. Photo via MTSUNews

This can easily be the most important advice on this list. It might not be the most enjoyable thing at times, but skipping will lead to slipping. Your final grades will thank me later.