MTSU’s Match Records reboots with 4 new artists, n...

MTSU’s Match Records reboots with 4 new artists, new logo

The new logo for MTSU’s student-run label, Match Records, and the Department of Recording Industry logo are superimposed over a file photo of recording industry professor Matt Foglia working with students in Ezell Studio D. (MTSU photo by Andy Heidt)

Match Records, the Department of Recording Industry’s student-run record label at MTSU, has relaunched its imprint and signed four new student talents: Sara Kays, Shelter Cove, JeVONté and Caitlin Eadie.

Match Records gives MTSU music business majors an opportunity to use their professional skills by supporting artists in a real-world, label-services model. They showcase and develop artists with efforts that include singles releases, marketing events and social media management alongside business foundation elements such as booking, management and merchandising.

2019 logo for MTSU’s student-run label, Match Records“This is an exciting new chapter for Match Records as we retool our label template to reflect emerging business models that are evolving and being successful in the real world,” said Amy Macy, an associate professor in recording industry who’s also the advising professor for Match Records.

“It’s a chance for students to experiment with ideas and apply concepts that can have lifelong application to the lives of these students as they graduate and go on into the industry.”

Match Records teams will work as advisers to each artist, creating launch activities for their new releases. Based on the timing of these singles, the activities could include “tiny dorm concerts,” class-crossover/hallway release events and online content creation as well as booking into local venues like MTSU’s on-campus Chris Young Café.

“The vastness of talent at MTSU is extraordinary and Match Records intends to harness the power of a large university by making these talents ‘stars’ on campus first and using social media and other marketing tools to take them to the next level,” said Beverly Keel, recording industry chair and the new dean of the College of Media and Entertainment.

Department of Recording Industry logoMTSU’s recording industry department made Billboard’s annual list of America’s top music business schools for the sixth time earlier this year, once again joining its counterparts across the country as top producers of ready-to-work music industry pros. The department’s also consistently included on The Hollywood Reporter’s lists of the top music business programs worldwide.

Match Records is supported by internationally recognized academic programs in music business, audio production and commercial songwriting, where students engage in classroom learning that transfers to real-world experience, along with a robust internship program that places students in working music industry environments for hands-on knowledge.

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